Rocket 22 Combo w/ 2 10 " Mojotone speakers

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SKU: Rocket 22 combo w/ 2 10's

Rocket  22 Combo w/ 2 10 " Mojotone speakers

 Note: All Electroplex amps are "Custom Ordered" items and may have leadtime involved before shipment is made .Please call to verify delivery before placing an order




*22 watts switchable to 12 watts

* Two Channels ( Clean and Overdrive), foot switchable with manual overide on volume control in channel one

* Effects loop for each channel

*Accutronics Reverb

* Powered by 6V6 tubes in the power section and 12AX7 in the preamp section

*Comes with  Mojotone Ten Inch Ceramic speakers, ( any other speaker brand or model may be substituted at an adjusted price)

* Choice of Tolex color (Black, tan,green,purple,blonde etc)

* Custom Transformers are used high quality grain oriented steel,interleaved all units are burned in and tubes matched prior to shipping

* Selectable 16, 8 or 4 ohm operation for speakers

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Hear the Rocket 22 in action:

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